Papa car rental – a car rental broker management organization possesses the following motto that affords

  • simple booking process
  • cost-efficient reliable service

Our car rental service has its availability in Seychelles, Mahe and Praslin Island to worldwide customers.

Our car rental rates are charged in 24-hour cycle in which the reservation is confirmed within 24 – 48 hours of payment.  After receiving the booking request from the customer, our representative will contact you through email for booking confirmation. After receiving confirmation & other required details from the customer, we will send the booking confirmation email.

For 1-day booking, 2 days booking, last-minute bookings, on request bookings, or special vehicles, we have to request a confirmation from our car rental partners.

We will collect the payment upon car delivery only. We dont take deposit or Pre-Authorization. Credit card or debit card is not mandatory to book & rent the car.
>> BY CASH( EUR or SCR or USD)
>> BY CREDIT CARD ( VISA or MASTER CARD) – 4% surcharge is applicable for onsite credit card payment

Extra supplements

The price of any “optional extras” (including, Baby seats, Child boosters, Cancellation refund & Early return Waiver, Extra Hour Scheme, Safety excess reducer plan, Extra safety excess reducer plan, and Tyre Protection plan) requested by you when making your booking will be displayed and charged at the time of making the booking.

Booking Confirmation:

Once your booking has been confirmed, Papa car rental will send the booking confirmation email. Our email clearly includes the details of your booking and must be printed and presented to our car supplier upon car delivery. If you do not receive your confirmation email please contact us immediately. The confirmation email does include details of the additional services requested by you at the time of car booking.

Papa car rental recommends to check carefully the details prescribed in the confirmation email and if there occur any discrepancies, you should immediately communicate us and we will issue a new amended confirmation email.

Papa car rental reserves the right to amend the booking after the car has been booked by you in the event of the discovery of an error with respect to the corresponding booking and/or  the incorrect information having been displayed through the  Papa car rental booking website or communicated to you in the confirmation email or otherwise.

In this case, our service will endeavour to notify you as soon as reasonably practicable and you may elect to accept the amended terms (if applicable) or, alternatively, cancel your booking and receive a full refund. The booking number included on the confirmation email should be quoted for all enquiries, cancellations or modifications of the booking, and to redeem the discount offers.

Booking Amendments:

Booking amendments can be made up to 48 hours prior to the pick-up time and are subject to availability and additional charges. Papa car rental does not charge for booking modifications but applies the prices which are applicable at the time of amendment of the booking.

No modifications can be made after pick-up time: no extensions of the rental duration, no refund of unused voucher days if the car is picked up late or returned early. Any changes of bookings (flight details, arrival time, car category etc.) must be communicated to Papa car rental and/or to our local agent. (Agent contact details are provided on the voucher).

If you need to make any amendments to your booking, you can use the contact page in to our website or send an email to, clearly informing Papa car rental of the exact details.

Papa car rental is unable to offer you a refund if you end your hire early unless you have purchased the Cancellation & Early return Waiver. In the event that you require an extension of your car hire period after the pick-up of your hired car (dates not covered by the car hire voucher); you must pay any additional costs incurred directly to the car supplier at the local rental rates prevailing at that time.

Booking Cancellation:

Our customers can able to cancel their car booking at any time by contacting us through email. Our cancellation policy is stated below,

  • EARLY RETURN — Returning the vehicle earlier than originally booked will result in 100% of the rental cost for remaining non-used rental days

Early Return Waiver: @ €15.00 (Non-Refundable)

You can only purchase this scheme upon car booking. It is non refundable.

The terms and conditions of this scheme are stated below,

  • For EARLY RETURN — One full day rental rate and 30 % of the rental amount for the remaining rental period will be charged as a cancellation fee.

We do not hold any responsibility for any bank charges incurred in the process of refunding funds.

Extra Hours Scheme:

By purchasing extra hours scheme you can add an hour or two hours extra to the car return time.  You can only purchase this scheme upon car booking only. It is not refundable.

  • Additional 1 Hour – 10 Euros.
  • Additional 2 Hours – 20 Euros.

Vehicle Category:

We have budget cars and SUV types cars available for renting.

Budget cars: Hyundai (I10, Grand I10, Grand I10 Saloon), Kia Picanto, Suzuki (Spresso, Wagon R, Altos, Swift) etc

SUV cars: Hyundai (Creta, Venue, Grand Creta), Kia Soul, Suzuki Ertiga etc

Reserve your car online using our booking tool. Once you have selected a location, date and time, the available car options will be shown on the rental booking screen.

Insurance Condition:

We are offering the following protections for all our rental cars,

  1. Collision Damage Waiver
  2. Theft protection Insurance

 Collision Damage Waiver

The Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection insurance will release you from financial responsibility with respect to your rental car in the event of damage or theft. In all the cases, you must still pay an excess. We are offering a wide range of premium insurance policies to reduce this. Our daily rental rate is inclusive of Theft protection insurance and normal Collision damage waiver with the excess amount will vary from 1000 – 3500 Euros depends on the car model. 1000 Euros excess for Budget cars and 2000 to 3500 Euros excess for SUV type cars.

All CDW never covers damage to tyres, glass, exterior mirrors, underside, interior, roof, engine, damage to the locks, loss of vehicle keys, personal belongings, key replacement fee, towing fees and claimable administration fees.

 Theft Protection

Theft Protection does not apply to any personal belongings you leave in the rental car.  In general, insurance claims based on the rental agreement can only be made when damages are reported to and recorded by local police. In any case, it is a prerequisite that the utilization of the rental car is in accordance with the rental agreement.

No refund will be made when damages/accidents occurred due to violation of local traffic rules, breach of the rental agreement or when any involved third party refuses the settlement of the claim. Excess is automatically void if any accidents caused by the customer while under the influence/consumption of any prohibited substance like Alcohol, drugs, or any other central nervous system stimulant etc, the customer will be 100% responsible for any damage of the hired car.

Reduced Excess does not cover the damage to or loss of personal property, vehicle theft due to the loss of vehicle keys, car rental supplier’s income loss for the vehicle which cannot be used, roadside assistance, towing charges, any processing fees, any administrative fees, and any subsequent personal cost.

Please note that the insurance will not cover if the accident has been caused by breaking the local traffic rules and/or if the driver has been issued with a fine, and/or when the insurance company (even if the other party involved) has rejected the claims settlement on the spot. All rental agreements are subject to the Seychelles legislation.

Safety Excess Reducer & Extra Safety Excess Reducer Plan:

We are offering two types of excess reducer plans to minimize the excess amount for Budget & SUV type car.

Safety Excess Reducer Plan:

  • For Budget Car: 500 Euros excess @ 10 Euros per day and
  • For SUV type Car: 1500 Euros excess @ 10 Euros per day

Extra Safety Excess Reducer Plan:

  • For Budget Car: 250 Euros excess @ 20 Euros per day and
  • For SUV type Car: 1000 Euros excess @ 20 Euros per day

Tyre Protection & Roadside Assistance Cover:

This tyre protection & road side assistance cover waives the charges for any damages to tyres in circumstances of normal use of the car during your rental. This plan also provide road side assistance.

Damage to the wheel rims, wheel caps and side mirror housing frame are not protected under this plan.

  • Tyre protection & road side assistance cover for Budget Car: 10 Euros per day
  • Tyre protection & road side assistance cover for SUV type Car: 20 Euros per day

Baby Seat & Child Booster:

We are offering baby seat and child booster for the children under seven years of age.

Baby Seat < For Children 06 months – 03 years old > @ 5 Euros per day.

Child Booster < For Children 03 – 07 years old > @ 5 Euros per day.

All two options can be added during your booking.

Deposit & Car Category:

We dont take deposit or Pre Authorization.
We will make our best effort to deliver the chosen car model. Unfortunately, if the car type you wish to rent is not available, you will receive an equivalent model. Although we can guarantee the category, we cannot always guarantee the car brand or model.

Delivery & Collection of Rental Cars:

We offer Free Delivery and collection for any location in Mahe and Praslin islands.

We will deliver the car at the following locations,

  • Airport,
  • Jetty or Boat Station,
  • Hotel, Guest House, Airbnb accommodation etc.

Upon car reservation the customer determines exactly where and when the pick-up and the return of the rental car will take place. For car pick up at Mahe International Airport, we require the Airline Name, flight number and arrival time. For car pick up at Praslin Airport, we require the flight number and arrival time. In case of bad weather or technical issue with flight, should you expect to be delayed for the pickup of the vehicle, you should also contact us or our local car supplier to ensure your vehicle can be confirmed after the scheduled timing. In the event of a flight cancellation or delay, PAPA car rental will not be responsible for providing any refunds.

Upon pick-up of your car, you will be required to present the following documents to the local car supplier,

  • A valid driving license from your country of origin, THE Car Hirer MUST ATTAIN a minimum age of 21 years OR MORE & MUST HAVE 1 YEAR OF DRIVING EXPERIENCE
  • Your passport
  • A printed copy of your confirmation email. A rental agreement needs to be signed at the location where you pick up your hire car.

The rental car should be returned at the specified date, time and place as mentioned in the confirmation email. Any changes in the car return details < drop off Time and location> needs to be communicated to the local car supplier in advance. Any returns extending the official return time on the confirmation email and with or without prior notice will result in additional fees as per the local car supplier norms.

Fuel Policy:

Our rental rate is exclusive of car fuel expense. It is the responsibility of the customers to return the car with the same fuel level as that of the initial fuel level of the fuel tank as indicated on the rental contract.

If the customer will return the car with less amount of fuel in the tank, then the customer will be charged for the missing fuel level by our car rental supplier and has to be paid on the spot by cash (Euros/Seychelles Rupees or US Dollar). Refund is not given for excessive filling of the fuel tank.

Driver’s Qualifications:

Drivers aged a minimum 21 years of age and above with valid national driving license and with a minimum of one year of driving experience are entitled to hire the car in Seychelles. International Driving License is acceptable and optional to hire the car in Seychelles. International driving license is a must for drivers whose driving license is printed with the non-Roman alphabet (Example: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc).

The driver must drive the car on the left side of the road in Seychelles and should follow the traffic rules of Seychelles, carry persons as per the car specification, not to drive on any beach, not to drive under influence of alcohol or drugs. The driver expressly agrees to abide by the decision of courts as per Seychelles law and shall be liable for all the parking fines and traffic violations.

An additional driver inclusion is free of charge. Maximum two drivers are permitted to drive a rental car. Driver qualification and liability should be the same for an additional driver.

Accidents, Damage Report And Hirer Responsibiliy And Liability

At the time of car pick up, before accepting the car, the customer must check the car condition, car tyres & tyre pressure, car body dents & damages, car type repair kits & spare tyre, and noted on the rental contract and also to check the rental car documents expiry date, ((posted on the windshield)

  1.  Self-drive license,
  2.  Road license and
  3.  Third party insurance

and to take the picture of the car for future reference.

It is the responsibility of the customer to report the car supplier about any fault, defect or malfunction of the car. The customer shall handle the car with care and lock the car properly at the hotel or around the island and park the car in the proper way and at the authorized parking slot only.

As per the liability rules of Seychelles, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for any damages/loss of the rental car unless covered by the liability waiver.

For any damages or loss caused by a third party, the customer is only relieved from his/her liability if the damages are expected to be recoverable from the third party. If this is not the case, the customer is liable for the damages up to the excess amount. The customer’s excess amount does not cover repairs to tyres, any glass and undercarriage, and the costs for these repairs will be settled by the customer only.

Collision damage waivers are not honoured by car rental companies under the following circumstances such as

  • Gross negligence,
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances,
  • Unauthorized persons driving the vehicle,
  • Not adhering to traffic,
  • road and driving regulations of Seychelles,
  • No other vehicles involved in the collision,
  • Not reporting the collision to our car supplier and to the nearest Police Station,
  • By giving false statement to the police about car accident/damage,
  • Failure to obtain authorization from car rental partner to extend the pre-booked rental period.

This means that the customer will be held liable for the full amount of damage.

The customer has to inform the rental company and the police immediately after an accident or a breakdown or fire or damage caused to the rental vehicle by any other external factors.

Customer can reach the police assistance by dialling the below numbers, and they can report about car accident or vehicle theft. Under no circumstances should the car be moved.

Police assistance for Mahe Island, contact   00248 428 8000 // 00248 428 8095 // 00248 428 8113.

Police assistance for Praslin Island, contact 00248 423 2332 // 00248 428 8120 // 00248 428 8123.

A full report must be made to the nearest Police Station. The customer is responsible to obtain the names, addresses, license plates of all parties involved and of possible witnesses, and to preserve evidence and to take pictures of the car involved and to make a sketch of the place of accident.

Customer also agrees to Co-operate in the investigation of the accident or theft, the lodging or instituting of any claim or action and the defence of any prosecution, claim or action relating to the accidental car damage or theft of the rental vehicle.

Please note that personal belongings stolen or lost during an accident or theft are not covered. If your damaged vehicle requires towing, this will be of customer expense.

The liability waiver becomes void, if the customer tries to settle, by making any verbal promises or written promises with the third party without prior written consent from our car rental partner.

The liability waiver will become invalid if the customer failed to notify the police and our car rental partner within an hour of the incident or moved the accidental car from the accidental spot before police inspection.

After an accident, the customer should not abandon the rental car and make adequate provision for its safety and security and must not use the rental car without getting permission from our car rental partner.

In case of non–compliance with these above requirements, the customer is fully responsible for the damages and/or loses sustained to the rented car and the contract may be terminated by us prematurely. All these condition and obligations apply to the additional driver as well.

Privacy Policy:

We collect and process the data to improve our functionality and to enhance our website performance. We use your data to process the car booking, to process the payment and provide your rental details to our car rental supplier for your rental needs.

To show our special rental offers, to send thanksgiving discount coupons, and update the latest facts about Seychelles and its rental cars through our newsletter. In order to process a car rental booking, we need your name, address, rental details, other requirements, contact information such as an email address or a phone number, credit card details for secure online payment.

We share your data only with our payment service provider and with our car rental supplier. We always ensure that your data is protected and well secured. The payment transaction proceeds with secure encryption using state of the art encryption. Our customers have the right to request information about their personal date stored by us and also to request the correction, deletion or restriction of the processing of this data at any time.

You have the right to request information about the personal data that we hold about you and to request the correction, deletion or restriction of the processing of this data at any time. To assert these rights, please send an email at

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